Should Mark Karpeles Resign From The Bitcoin Foundation

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Mt Gox disappears, future of Bitcoin unknown7 Mar 2014.

Whistleblower Threatens to Expose Corruption at Bitcoin Foundation.

Japan- based Mt.Gox CEO Mark Karpeles—who may or may not be Chris Farley.

must resign or be forced out of their positions on the Foundation.

The Bitcoin Foundation is an American nonprofit corporation. It was founded in September 2012 with the stated mission to standardize, protect and promote the .

24 Feb 2014.

Mark Karpeles, CEO of the embattled Toyko-based Bitcoin exchange, resigns.

resigned on Sunday from the board of the Bitcoin Foundation, the.

on withdrawals would continue indefinitely after it detected "unusual activity".

The site was located in Japan and run by Mark Karpeles, a young French programmer.

He wishes someone should buy the exchange and says that Bitcoin has the potential to change the world but is too.

Resigns from Bitcoin Foundation.

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