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Bitcoin Gold Explorer · Blocks · Status · Guarda Wallet · Best BTG price. Address 0.07756974 BTG. GTNjvCGssb2rbLnDV1xxsHmunQdvXnY2Ft. Confirmed.

Is Bitcoin A Security SEC Chairman Jay Clayton has clarified that bitcoin is not a security. “Cryptocurrencies are replacements for sovereign currencies. [they] replace the yen, the dollar, the euro with bitcoin. That. 13 Mar 2019. Consequently, crypto developers are eager to avoid the security designation. Bitcoin, the most recognizable cryptocurrency, was deemed a.

Bitcoin Gold Co-Founder Martin Kuvandzhiev Spills the Crypto BeansLatest blocks. Height, Time, Trans-ns, Sum, Reward. 639512, 2020-06-23 20:17: 27, 1, 6.25 BTG, 6.25 BTG. 639511, 2020-06-23 20:15:41, 1, 6.25 BTG, 6.25.

After more googling I found this one: It displays the correct BTG balances for my addresses at least.

Bitcoin Gold Explorer | ZuPago.

Support Development of Bitcoin Gold Explorer | ZuPago. 33VVnTzEB51JLmiWdWAy7QXHmjbqRtEJtW. BTC: 33VVnTzEB5.