Hitco Insulation Products

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They're made of sturdy water-resistant material, feature a furry insulating liner, separated index finger, clip, elastic wrist, and leather palm. They come in several .

28 Feb 2018.

Ambitious Kiwi businesses are developing these products with our.

tend to provide multiple benefits such as strength and thermal insulation,

Senior Vice President of HITCO Carbon Composites was the keynote speaker.

The Different Types of Insulation | Fuel PovertyHITCO CARBON COMPOSITES, INC. is a world leader in the design and manufacture of specialty insulation components fabricated from a wide range of high temperature fabrics, nonwovens, metal foils, and other advanced materials.

The Insulation Products Group began in 1944 as part of the H. I. Thompson Company. In 1960 a new facility was opened in Atlanta, Georgia and the name was changed to HITCO. In 1991 The Intertech Group of South Carolina acquired the Insulation Products Group in Atlanta creating TIGHITCO, Inc.

HITCO CARBON COMPOSITES, INC. is a world leader in the manufacture of specialty insulation components fabricated from a wide range of high temperature fabrics, nonwovens and metal foils. The construction of insulation products can be tailored to customer specifications, drawing upon our extensive experience with both metallic and non-metallic insulation.

Fire Resistant & Retardant Insulation Suppliers serving Georgia.

Ceramic fiber insulation products such as felts, boards, blankets, papers,


REFRASIL cordages and yarns are continuous filament, amorphous silica products, with the thermal performance of refractory materials. The fiber is highly porous and does not melt or vaporize until temperatures exceed 1593°C (2900°F). Our products provide reliable insulation and protection while retaining their original textile characteristics.

Hitco is an industrial supplier of bcw, carbon fiber, cases, duct insulation, envelope, epdm rubber, evening, fiberglass material, fittings, ggb.

insulation products corp supplies the electrical and elctronic industries with heat shrinkable tubing, non-shrink tubing, polyolefin tubing, adhesives, shrinkable end caps and various adhesive and.

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