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21 Jan 2018.

In this invention he posited that if polled, people would normally tell the truth, especially if they were incentivised. In the Truthcoin platform, people.

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Their most major difference is that Augur runs on Ethereum, while Truthcoin is implemented as a sidechain within bitcoin. Despite their similarities, there is.


Sztorc is the Director of Research at Tierion, a blockchain proof engine for businesses. He was formerly Chief Scientist at Truthcoin and an Economist at Bloq.

In his spare time he invented "Truthcoin" which went on to become Bitcoin Hivemind. Roger Ver labeled it "possibly the most important invention since Bitcoin.

EB97 – Paul Sztorc: Truthcoin & Prediction Markets, From Information-Overload To Crowd IntelligencePaul Sztorc founded Truthcoin, a peer-to-peer oracle system and prediction marketplace for Bitcoin. It utilizes a proof-of-work sidechain that stores data on the.