What Are Zebpay’s Fee And Charges? Zebpay

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Zebpay charges a fixed fee for deposits and withdrawals of RS10 (USD 0.16). There are no charges between Zebpay users. The app is designed to be the world’s simplest Bitcoin wallet app so everyone can use and trade Bitcoins. The company encourages consumers to use different cold storage wallets for long term use or large amounts of money.

5 Apr 2020.

Zebpay's fees can be found here. Other Indian Exchanges With Competitive Fees . Some cryptocurrency trading platforms have already been.

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This review of Zebpay consists of four parts: general information, fees, deposit methods and security. General Information. Zebpay is a coin exchange with.

14 Apr 2020.

Get started by visiting the home page of Zebpay's Australian website.

Zebpay does not charge any fiat deposit or withdrawal fees. Network.

Zebpay send and receive Charges|Network fees|27/02/2018  · High trading fees. The cost of trading at Zebpay is pretty high: market makers are charged with 0.59% per trade, and market takers – with 1.18%. These fees are considerably higher than hat most exchanges charge (0.20% – 0.25%). By comparison, Koinex, another Indian exchange, charges market makers with a maximum of 0.20%, and market takers – with up to 0.25%. Min. deposit, trade size set.

Zebpay does charge some fees. Fees Structure * Zebpay has maker and taker fees structure for trades. Learn more to understand how trades execute and who is a “maker” or a “taker”. * Zebpay supports order lifecycle of 28 days. Your buy/sell order w.

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22/04/2020  · Zebpay Fees Trading Fees. Zebpay charges a flat 0.4% fee across all trading assets. Compared to other crypto exchanges in Australia, you will find that Zebpay fees are competitive in the crypto market and one of the lowest in the country. Deposit Fees. There are NO deposit fees to transfer Australian Dollars or crypto into your Zebpay wallet. Withdrawal Fees. There are NO withdrawal fees.

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